Kurt Deniz


In May of 2017, to celebrite Spector of Torment, Yacht Club Games held another art contest. During the time I was not sure what to try. I was thinking maybe Spector Knight in a cool pose for awhile but nothing exactly popped in my mind.

Then within the final week I decided to try returning to either Falcon Knight or Seige Knight. And that's how the piece lead to involving Tinker Knight.

I even took liberties in giving tiny revisions to Seige Knight in the process. I guess it was also an excuse to practice some silly tank design as well.



The Prototype is In!
Design of the cylinder was made to be able to place opened or closed. For now, the turret door does not open, but will in the future for anyone whom wishes to display the shell ejection action of the Diamondback gun.

The most complex of parts, the tracks, worried me the most in design. So many small details and the teeth for the drive wheel were all questionable factors on the final production. Yet the detail held, and looks incredible!

The track assembly worked near-perfectly! The holes for placing the magnets were only slightly bit shallow but fixable (used drill-bit to deepen holes for magnets). And after they were pieced together, they only wobbled very slightly, a problem that can be solved by allowing a third, center magnet slot set to stablize the tracks.

Overall an exciting outcome in the design and only very few changes needing to be made.

Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I! Til next time.


Shovel Knight art contest
Back in Apirl I took part in Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight art contest and was among the grand prize winners!

Link to the contest winners post

Shovel Knight is looking great and I am excited for its release. Hope all of you will enjoy it too!

Til next time.