Kurt Deniz
Game Design

NES Game Design Project: Strike Tank Alpha

A good friend of mine requested me to develop design for a game that he can create in Assembly programming language for a NES rom hack.

That project came to be "Strike Tank Alpha", a Megaman-like platformer where the evil terrorist organization Poison Sting, lead by the vile Venom Commander, have taken over the city with their insidious poisonous animal themed weaponry! Alpha Team of the experimental tank division are the only ones left to to save the day from the poisonous menace.

Below is an image of the full level designed for the project. For those interested provided is the in-depth documentation detailing player actions, enemies and a screen by screen explanation of the level, detailing design intentions and challenges meant for players.

Documentation and Screen Breakdown

Table-top Wargame: Death on Treads

Death On Treads is a custom-tank table-top wargame featuring novel and quite often humorous weapons technology; including beltfed tanks, break-action tanks, revolvers, breechloaders, muzzle-loaders, gatling and more!

Death on Treads Core Rules Version 10/29/2013

DoT Parts List Version 10/29/2013

Players can assemble a wide variety of tanks from a list of parts to build their tank battalion.

Balanced by point values and weight capacity, assemblying a tank requires:

    The hull, which determines the tank's armor and integrity
    The turret, the tank's primary weapon
    The engine, a modifier involved with speed and power
    The treads, the primary factor in weight capacity and speed, and may enable special movements like rolling or jumping
    And finally the tank crew, the wild card giving the tank special abilities which can dramatically modify the overall performance.

Tilted Shed Project: Tilted Hornet

////under construction\\\\

The Platformer Pocketbook

While attending the Art Institute of Orange County I explored ideas for a platformer game in my spare time.

The many pages are rough and unrefined, but I believe these notes communicate my process of developing and expressing ideas.

I hope you enjoy exploring my crazy doodles and notes.

The Platformer Pocketbook